A little bit about me

I am an enthusiastic artist and have been painting and selling my work for many years now.  Big, bright and bold is my style. I enjoy experimenting with unconventional combinations and creating the unexpected. I believe all colours go together. My motto is, it really is:  

...don't be afraid to experiment.  It's not brain surgery - no-one will die!

I paint in oils, acrylics and watercolours. The wildlife animals and dog portraits are always in watercolour as I find this the best medium to capture that 'certain something' in their character. The flower and landscapes are usually large paintings on canvas. Although self-taught, I'm constantly researching and practising new techniques.

I sell my work directly or through selective galleries on my Contact page.  Please contact me if you need to source a painting you are interested in.

jos haigh

I live at home with my husband, and have two grown-up children.  A scientist by training, I stopped working when they were young and have totally enjoyed, and am still enjoying, my busy life.